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Chandrika was born on the Atherton Tablelands, North Queensland, Australia, and is currently living between NSW and SA.  She is motivated by a passionate love for this Ancient Land, and has become a medium for expressing the numinous spirit of nature through the prism of feminine experience. 

At age 29 she had a life changing awakening experience during a guided meditation. This compelled her to find a teacher to help her connect this newfound awareness with her artistic gift and interest in alternative healing modalities. 

She was fortunate to be offered a golden opportunity to study as prodigy of a Master of Fine Art from USA, living in retreat at his home overlooking Mt. Bartle Frere, North Queensland, and later at Magnetic Island, QLD. During this seven years of intense full time study, equivalent to a BFA, Chandrika produced a large body of oil on linen paintings and drawings that are an in-the-moment historical record of her spiritual journey. These works have been held together for the purpose of bringing to her audience the entire experience.

Chandrika embarked upon a process of seeking the light within through Jungian methods of catharsis, which enabled her to go beyond her conditioning. She was fortunate to be given supportive sanctuary, conducive to more in depth development of her numinous style of painting; requiring personal sacrifice of the ‘normal life’ for years of self chosen isolation. The influence of the fiery taskmaster burnished her independent self guidance allowing her to develop her own ongoing hybridized form of spiritual arts practice.

Chandrika was an Art Teacher in Kangia Steiner School near Mt Warning NSW, and continues to be an inspiring mentor to many who seek creative spiritual evolution. She is twice published in the CoSM Journal (2012 & 2014) and has exhibited in Atherton, Kuranda, Cairns, Qld; Cabarita Beach, NSW; and Adelaide, SA.







"Peace - the Feminine" Oil on Linen






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