Sydney NSW

Primary mediums:



What makes me paint what I do?

 It is a combination of elements.

 One is a genuine force within me to get my creative thoughts up on canvas. It is an indescribable need to paint.

 Another is the never ending inspiration that surrounds me daily, from light that hits an object in a certain way, which I call moments, to all genres of music.

 My emotions play an important part and drive me to have a visual voice to express how I am feeling at that time.

 I believe myself to be a Visionary/Imaginary Realist. This art form allows me to express not only the realism before me, but to layer that realism with my imagination and emotion. Good examples of this art form in my work are my “Phobias – Fears – Obsessions” series and my “Beatles” series.







"Slave to my Easel" Oil on Canvas





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